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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Glendalough Trail Event?

2023 Event Details TBC

The most recent Glendalough Trail Run was on Saturday 15th October 2022

2022 Long Course Results HERE

2022 Short Course Results HERE

2022 Race Photos HERE

What is the route like?

The Long Course will be 15.3km long and the non- competitive Short Course event will be a 8.4km route for joggers / walkers.

The route is totally free of traffic and mainly on good quality forest trails.

In the Long Course (15.3km) route there is approximately 800m of mucky trail .

Trail shoes are recommended particularly for the Long Course (15.3km) event.

Your shoes will get wet and mucky in the longer event but should not in the short course event unless you splash in puddles.

What time does the race start?

The Long Course (15.3km) race will start at 11am for all runners and most joggers.

ONLY VERY SLOW joggers and visually impaired athletes in Long course (15.3k) event may start at 10.30am as otherwise it distorts finish line results service and may mean marshals are not all in place in time, etc

If you are a fast walker, and are confident of finishing the Long Course (15.3km) in more than 2 hours but less than 3 hours then please start at 10.30am

For guidance a fast walker would be someone that could complete a flat terrain 10km walking in less than 90 minutes

Race Director reserves the right to limit access to the 10.30am start to those they deem suitable to avoid results confusion!

All Participants in the non-competitive short course (8.4km) event start at 11.30am

Briefing at rear of Glendalough Hotel at 10.45am for Long Course & 11.15am for Short Course Participants

Is there parking available?

Limited Parking is available at the Brockagh Resource Centre & nearby public areas (Local operator charges may apply)

Please carpool as parking space is limited.

OPW / Visitor's Centre parking is not recommended for race participants or Glendalough Hotel unless you are a guest

How do I enter the Glendalough Trail event?

Entry for 2022 event is Closed

2023 Event Details TBD

Entry limited to 300 particiants by National Parks Permit - Entry will close once race limit has been reached

What happens when I enter online?

Your card details will be processed & debited for the entry fee and you will receive an e-mail detailing your receipt number.

How much is the entry fee?


Entry fees for the 2022 event are given below - 2023 Event Details TBC

The basic on-line early bird entry fee is €15* until  June 30th July 31st, normal entry from July August 1st to 15th September is €20* and late entry is €25* from September 16th until Oct 12th or race fills** - There will be no Late or On The Day Entry

Please enter before Mon 3rd October to be sure of a Race Tee

* When you enter you commit to raise or donate a further €50 minimum sponsorship to the charity Fighting Blindness

** Entry limited to 300 particiants by National Parks Permit

Total minimum cost to participate is therefore €65, €70 or €75 depending on when you enter.

The Glendalough Trail is an annual fundraising event for Fighting Blindness.

By submitting an entry for the event, all participants are agreeing to raise or donate a further €50 minimum towards the work of Fighting Blindness.

You can setup your Personal Just Giving Fundraising Page HERE please follow the link to and select start fundraising” then click on "doing your own thing”

Alternative you can lodge your donation monies at This Donation Link and reference your name and "Glendalough Trail Run" by Wednesday 12th October at the latest - ENTRIES ARE NOW CLOSED

When is race sign on?

On the day of the event all participants must sign on and collect their race number from the Brockagh Resource Centre in Laragh Village, just uphill from McCoys shop/petrol pumps - Brockagh Centre location map here.

All participants must have entered the race online prior to midnight on Wednesday before race unless race limit* reached in advance.

** Long race limited to 200 participants & Short race to 100 by National Parks Permit

There will be no late or entry available on the day of the event.

Race sign on will be from 9am to 10.30am in the Brockagh Resource Centre.

Tea and coffee is available for all participants at the registration point as shown on the map below.


Will I be given instructions prior to the race?

Race briefing will take place prior to the event and participants will be given instructions about the race.

Race briefing for slow joggers and visually impaired athletes in the Long Course (15.1km) event will take place in the Brockagh Centre at 10.10am.

These participants will then be transferred to the race start location for a 10.30am start by our courtesy bus.

Race briefing for the main field of 15.3km Long Course runners will take place at 10.45am in the car park to the rear of the Glendalough Hotel (There are some toilets available here). Participants will then walk to the race start at 10.50am and race will start at 11.00am

Short course (8.4km) event will start at 11.30am - Assemble in Car park at rear of Glendalough Hotel for Race Briefing at 11.15am

How do I get to the start line?

Participants can walk/jog to the Glendalough Hotel from the Brockagh Centre (~1km). There will be a limited capacity courtesy bus service from the Brockagh Centre to the Glendalough Hotel car park - Please jog or walk to the start area where possible thanks.

Will the course be marked?

The route will be clearly marked with yellow arrows & red & white tape at all junctions which should be strictly followed.

Are there any water stations along the race route?

There will be a water station at ~10.5km in the long event and at ~4.3 km in the short event plus at the finish line

Water is provided in drums and you must bring your own cup or water bottle.

Is there a race cut off time?

Yes - The full course will officially close at 1.30pm.

This will allow sufficient time for participants to walk the Long course (15.3 km) at a brisk pace if you start at 10.30am

If you are looking to walk at a more relaxed pace please sign up for the short course event thanks

The 15.3km long course event will start at 11.00am

The 8.4km short course event will start at 11.30am

Race signage and marshals will be removed in accordance with this schedule.

Where can I leave my belongings?

A baggage and key drop area will be available in the Brockagh Resource Centre, beside the registration desk. Items left in this area will be labelled with your race number.

We ask you not to use this area unless you have travelled on your own to the event and do not have a vehicle to leave your belongings during the event.

The race organisers will not accept responsibility for items of value left in this area.

How is the race timed?

Both the 15.3km and 8.4km events will be chip timed

Please ensure your race number is attached on Front Outer Clothing as the timing chip is incorporated into the race number.

When will the results be available?

We aim to process results as soon as possible after race finish and publish provisional results on day of race on this website.

Where does the race finish?

The race will finish on the "Green Road" close to the pedestrian bridge near the OPW visitors centre.

Are refreshments provided after the race?

Fruit and water will be provided at the finish line.

Tea, coffee and light refreshments will be available in the Brockagh Resource Centre for all participants after the race.

Are there prizes for the race winners?

In the 15.1km event prizes will be given for the first three and first over 40 (Outside the top 3) male and female finishers.

The 8.4km event is designed as a non-competitive event to be enjoyed and no prizes will be awarded.

Prizes will be presented at ~1.30 pm in the Brockagh Centre

All event participants will be chip timed and provisional results will be available on event website on race day

Will I receive a race tee shirt or goody bag?

A Glendalough Trail running t-shirt will be available for all participants at registration on the day of the event.

In order to minimise entry fees for participants, and lower costs for Fighting Blindness, goody bags will not be provided.

Do I get a refund or deferment if I am unable to attend?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide a refund or deferment if you are unable to take part.

Can I transfer my number if I can't run?

We will take entry transfers (one name change per entry) and change of distance requests FOC prior to end of September.

Please do the change yourself at your Race Registration link or e-mail

Who can I contact for further help?

For race information, please contact Paul on

For information about Fighting Blindness, donating sponsorship or other fundraising events, please contact Rachel at or 01 6789 004

By taking part, all participants confirm that video footage or photographs taken of them during their participation may be used to publicise the Glendalough Trail event or other Fighting Blindness Events


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